Even people who have been our PCB customers for 25 years can be surprised to learn that we are equally involved in custom metal components.  Cad1

For our metals customers we provide the same personal service, design assistance, and stocking for JIT that you have experienced in our support for your PCB requirements.  This attention to the complete customer’s needs defines who we as a company are. 

Wherever you are in the project cycle your USTEK team will be there to support you.  In some cases the design is already set in stone and the buyer is saddled with the tough job of finding the best combination of quality, delivery, and price.  With the USTEK global network of partners we match your needs to the best possible manufacturing site. 

A single manufacturing company is never the best choice for all your various needs but by using the 25+ years of experience USTEK you could be assured that we will do the grunt work and get the best fit to your needs.

Metals LineIf your design is still in a state of flux, we could help there too.  Have a design already sketched out but want options to choose the best process to manufacture?  USTEK does that research every week. 

We recently received a print to quote with the suggestion that it be extruded.  After evaluating the part for manufacturability we suggested a sheet-formed piece that would have the same strengths, a better appearance, and a lower price.  Metals Chart

Even further upstream the designer might wonder about the proper alloy to choose based on strength properties, resistance to environmental degradation, or strength-to-weight ratio.  Our diverse background in this area could save the engineer weeks of searching and comparing options.  We’ll do the grunt work and let you engineers do the creative work.

And if metals are just not the perfect fit for the application, rely on USTEK’s background of over 40 years in polymer development and marketing – but plastics are another story for another time.  Metal Polymer Handles

Whether your metal parts are simple and weigh grams or complex and weigh 100’s of pounds, we are equipped and ready to serve you.  

Please e-mail or call us when the time is right: r.simon@ustek.com or call 614-538-8000.

Metal Parts


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